Join the team ...

Niels LohmannJan SürmeliChristian GierdsAndreas LehmannMarvin Triebel

... become a contributor

  1. Check out the Yasmina directory from the source repository:
    svn co svn://
  2. Compile Yasmina:
    autoreconf -i && ./configure && make
  3. Add/change code. Consult the Doxygen documentation to get a better understanding of the code.
  4. Review your changes:
    make && make check && make distcheck
  5. Compile your changes in a patch:
    svn diff > /path/to/patch.diff
  6. Send the patch to Yasmina's maintainer Jan Sürmeli.


Yasmina's documentation aims at the developer in you. If you are interested in implementation details this is the right place for you to look.